You have a little fuzzy friend who is completely dependent on you in every way. It is easy to get caught up in the enjoyable new life you have together with your hamster. But it is important to remember that along with their dependence on you, they will also depend on you if they get sick

Please find a vet who is knowledgeable with small animals when you get your hamster.

Not all vets are knowledgeable with hamsters, and not all vets can get you in if their is an emergency. I will be compiling health information on this page, to help guide you in what to when something is wrong.

I will also be compiling a list of reputable small animal vets as you recommend them to me. (Please text 570-573-4497 or e-mail their practice name and City/State along with what it is that made you think they were a good small animal vet.)

I am not a vet, and the information here is not to be taken as veterinary advice.

Wet TailWet tail is one of the most common killers in hamsters. A case of wet tail needs a vets immediate attention, or your hamster will almost surely die.

If you see a wet bottom, poop plastered to your hamsters bottom, or even diarrhea in the cage, call your vet. They will most likely see give you antibiotic.

I can’t stress enough that this is an EMERGENCY SITUATION in hamsters. People can get diarrhea and survive. Hamsters don’t survive without a vet’s help!